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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Dear members,

During the weekend the issue of the coronavirus was discussed by the BSA Committee and the safety-guards we should implement. The committee believes that it has a duty of care to our members, and has resolved that for the next two months the general meetings on the 7th April and the 5th May will be cancelled, and we will closely monitor the situation during that time.

At this stage we will continue the monthly rides, as we think that there is less chance of contracting this virus whilst riding motorcycles. The Committee will continue to coordinate the club via phones, emails and Facebook and believe that there will be minimal disruption to the normal functioning of the club during this time. We will also provide updates to members via these communication systems.

If you know any member that does not have access to emails or Facebook, could you please pass on this information to them.

So, the end of week ride to Murry’s shed is still on for Friday the 20th March and Jeff Cleary’s small & all bike ride will go ahead on Sunday the 12th April.

Importantly, we ask that if any member feels unwell with flue like symptoms (PLEASE STAY HOME). It’s better to be cautious during these uncertain times.

If you need further information please feel free to contact:

Mal MacKay: 84452766 / 0413081319

Bryan Dunn: 0416154594

Jonathon Moore: 0418830552

Steve Holmes:83531912 / 0402678654

David Long: 0413899189

Ride Safe



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