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60th BSA International Rally

2023 60th BSA International Rally South Australia

First Newsletter

Welcome to the first bi-monthly S.A. BSA Owners Club International Rally newsletter. It is our intention to provide information as to what is planned for this the 60th BSA International Rally.

The venue and rally headquarters for the 60th BSA International is at the Hahndorf Resort.

Hahndorf is situated approximately 27 kilometres east of the capital city of Adelaide. The Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas provide many different experiences for riders of all abilities, we have chosen rides that will be a good experience for all. We intend to make booking accommodation and rally entry as easy as possible. The Adelaide International Airport is some 35 kms from the venue site, approximately 30 minutes drive in to the Adelaide Hills.

The email address for any query is any queries will be answered as soon as possible.


Accommodation can only be booked through the Hahndorf Resort office. (No booking agencies will be able to book for this rally. Any attempts to use an agency will be answered with a no vacancy answer)

International entrants will have from 1st August to mid September before Australian entrants can book accommodation. This is to try to get as many of the international participants in to the venue as possible. The venue office will also advise of any other accommodation available if someone requires a different site.

All enquiries for accommodation must state that it is for the 'BSA International Rally', if that is not stated, then again they will be told there is no vacancy. We have exclusive access to the resort accommodation until the end of July 2023, when if not all booked out others will be able to get in.

Click here for the venue website.

For bookings the email address is:

Alternative Accommodation

There is also the 'Old Mill Restaurant Motel' just over 1 kilometre from the entrance to the Hahndorf Resort. This motel has 22 rooms which will only open for booking of accommodation 6 months from the rally (May 2023), and there are quite a few other Motels, B&B’s within the township of Hahndorf.

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