The Committee

Meet President Mal …

Meet Mal

Mal is Liverpool born and arrived in Australia at the age of 3. Mal said: ‘My dad had an early A7 and then an A10.. My first BSA was a push bike … then a 1950 M21… Bantams … I raced Jawa at Rowley Park Speedway and later took off to ride speedway in the UK in 1969, riding for Halifax and then Workington… From 1970 to 1977 back in Australia racing at Rowley Park’

2 broken legs, numerous injuries and a latter day ‘classic meeting’ at Murray Bridge ‘ coming off and being run over. Ouch!   From that time on I have rekindled my early passion for BSA’s and now have the pleasure of being president of a great mob of fellow enthusiasts ‘

Role Name Phone
President Malcolm Mackay 8445 2766
Vice President Jonathan Moore 0418830552
Secretary David McCarthy 0408890620
Treasurer Steve Holmes 8353 1912
Editor David Long 0413 899 189
Club Captain Jeff Jones 83708412
Librarian John Mikutta 82645116
Federation Rep Geoff Wood  82723897
Historic Registrar Rod Bailey 8390 3177
Public Officer & Safety Officer Howard Parslow 8331 9208
Committee Member    Jim Nixon 85555685
Committee Member Ian Lamming 8250 6790
Committee Member/2nd Historic Registrar David Pearson 8288 8242
Committee member
Committee Member Robyn Lamming  82506790
Committee member Alison Jones 83933177
West Coast Registrar Ray Sims  0455154425