The Bikes

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  • V-twins                               Click on this link                  bsa v twins 
  • M series                             Click on this link                  bsa m series 
  • Bantam series                 Click on this link                  bsa bantam
  • Unit singles                      Click on this link                  bsa unit singles 
  • Post war twins                Click on this links                bsa post war twins   
  • Post war twins                Click on this link                  bsa A65 
  • Triples                                Click on this link                  bsa triples 
  • Gold Star                           Click on this link                   bsa gold star 
  • BSA Photos                      Click on this link                   bsa models 

The bikes owned by club members in South Australia demonstrates 4 different approaches to restorations:

  • Untouched original bikes. Even though the years have taken a toll members have some award winning bikes
  • Restored bikes ridden for pleasure
  • Some bikes restored better than new with modern engineering and products
  • concourse

 Date your Bike by Engine Number:

Download:     BSA Serial Numbers

See the Wikipedia list of BSA bikes